Paul Hanson
Founder / CEO

Liz Kim Schwan
President, International

Chet Devaskar
Executive Vice President, Business and Legal

Elissa Friedman
Vice President, Production and Development

Business Operations

Covert Media is a leading independent motion picture production, financing, sales, and distribution company.  Forming strategic partnerships with new and established producers and filmmakers, Covert Media is committed to producing and financing high quality theatrical feature films.  With an acclaimed film library and a growing television production arm, Covert Media is building a diversified media business.  Covert Media is committed to the creative spirit of independent filmmaking and bringing high quality entertainment to the global marketplace.

International Sales

Elizabeth Schwan serves as President of International after serving in a business development role for Grosvenor Park Media and as an EVP at Sierra/Affinity, where she oversaw the sales and distribution of films including “Drive” and “Ender’s Game.” She also headed the international division of The Film Department, which produced “Law Abiding Citizen,” and worked from 2000 to 2007 as an international sales executive at Lionsgate Films, overseeing “Monster’s Ball,” “Hotel Rwanda” and the “Saw” franchise.

Filmed Entertainment

Covert Media aims to produce, finance and distribute three to four feature films a year with budgets in the $15 million to $50 million range – the independent sweet spot abandoned by the major studios, given their focus on tentpoles and franchises. With a robust film library and an active television production arm, Covert Media is building an all media production powerhouse covering film, television and digital content to satisfy the needs of licensors throughout the globe.  We are building partnerships.  Let’s build them together.