Project Description


Director: Vladimir Bortko
Writers: Vladimir Bortko and Valery Mnatsakanov
Producers: Elena Ivanova
Cast: Anna Chipovskaya, Dmitriy Pevtsov, Aleksey Chadov, Mariya Mironova, Aleksandr Lykov

Young and beautiful college student, Nina, lives a happily married life to her husband Alexander, an intelligent, handsome and ambitious professor of Chinese language. But financial troubles plague the couple after they fall behind on their mortgage payments. When Alexander is called upon to work as a translator for Sergey, the powerful head of the bank that owns their mortgage, he sends Nina in for the job instead and pleads with her to negotiate a solution to their financial woes.

At first sight, a fierce attraction is undeniable between Nina and Sergey, a man unhappy in his own marriage. It is evident that Sergey wants Nina, who does everything in her power to resist him. But pressure from Alexander to help with their money problems soon weighs too heavily on Nina, and she gives in to Sergey’s advances. A passionate affair ensues, and as the young couple’s financial trouble disappears a much bigger problem now presents itself: Nina has fallen in love with Sergey and must choose between her own husband – or the man of her dreams – to find her true happiness.