W. Director: Oliver Stone Writer: Stanley Weiser Producers: Moritz Borman, Jon Kilik, Bill Block, Paul Hanson, and Eric Kopeloff Cast: Josh Brolin, Elizabeth Banks, James Cromwell, Ellen Burstyn, and Richard Dreyfuss A chronicle of the life and presidency of George W. Bush.


SMART PEOPLE Director: Noam Murro Writer: Mark Poirier Producers: Michael London Cast: Dennis Quaid, Sarah Jessica Parker, Thomas Haden Church, Ellen Page, and Ashton Holmes Into the life of a widowed professor comes a new love and an unexpected visit from his adopted brother.


THE ECHO Director: Yam Laranas Writer: Eric Bernt and Shintaro Shimosawa Producers: Roy Lee and Doug Davison Cast: Jesse Bradford, Amelia Warner, Kevin Durand, and Pruitt Taylor Vince An ex-con moves into an old apartment building, where he encounters a domestic problem involving a police officer, his wife, and their daughter. When he tries [...]